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The Project Yechi Tablecloth Gemach

Since 2013, the tablecloth gemach has been available for people looking for specialty linens to enhance their events and smachot. Thank you for choosing the tablecloth gemach. We look forward to helping you! To make an appointment to see the tablecloths please email

Below are some guidelines when borrowing the tablecloths. Please adhere to them as we want to continue being part of your events and smachot. Thank you!

Guidelines for using the Project Yechi Tablecloth Gemach

  • Pickup of cloths is on the Thursday before your simcha and returns of clean cloths is the Wednesday after your simcha.
  • All tablecloths are to be returned clean. Washing instructions should be followed carefully. Please note many cloths are not machine dry. We will take the cloths back dirty for a minimum donation of $1000.00 – if you are planning to take us up on this option, cloths must be returned the day after your simcha.
  • Please be aware that there can not be any sternos, open flames or candles used on the cloths. The wax can ruin them. If there are any wax, wax stains or burn holes , the cloths will have to be replaced at cost of the borrower.
  • Lost cloths will have to be replaced.
  • Washing Instructions can be found here.

There is no fee or charge for the cloths. A donation to Project Yechi is very much appreciated!

We hope that your simcha or event is enhanced by using the beautiful tablecloths from the Project Yechi Tablecloth Gemach!

Our Inventory

Our inventory is constantly expanding. Please check back often.