Providing Financial Support for Families Fighting Illness

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The Project Yechi Tablecloth Gemach

We started the Tablecloth Gemach for the many families in Bergen County that were making simachot.

All tax deductible donations and contributions should be made out to Project YECHI.

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Emunah Magnets

Chaim Yissachar z”l, had a great desire to spread his – Emunah, Its All From Hashem – message to all of Klal Yisrael.

Please help us spread Chaim Yissachar’s, z”l, message by putting his magnet on your car. Magnets are free of charge. If you would like magnets, please email us:

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The Project Yechi Donation Cards

We have three different donation card options, as well as our seasonal Purim Cards.

Our cards are free of charge with a donation made out to Project YECHI. We will send them to you.

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