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Each tablecloth has different washing instructions. Please follow the directions carefully.


For the following cloths:

Group 1:

  • Basketweave
  • Black & White Houndstooth Plaid
  • Black & White Plaid
  • Burgundy Flower
  • Chevron Silver
  • Chevron Grey
  • Chevron Mint
  • Chevron Coral
  • Chevron Orange
  • Chevron Turquoise
  • Cornflower Blue Check
  • Crinkle Taffeta Gold
  • Crinkle Taffeta Ivory
  • Crinkle Taffeta Lavender
  • Crinkle Coral
  • Crinkle Taffeta Navy
  • Crinkle Taffeta Pink
  • Crinkle Taffeta Brown
  • Damask Gold
  • Damask Beige
  • Floral Print
  • Forest Petal Ivory
  • Forest Petal Orange
  • Forest Petal Pink
  • Forest Petal Plum
  • Forest Petal Turquoise
  • Funzie Charcoal
  • Funzie Ivory
  • Gatsby
  • Hopscotch
  • Moroccan Blue
  • Navy Paisley
  • Pinchwheel Green
  • Pinchwheel Navy
  • Pinchwheel Burgundy
  • Pintuck Black
  • Pintuck Charcoal
  • Pintuck Green
  • Pintuck Orange
  • Pintuck Pink
  • Pintuck Purple
  • Pintuck Red
  • Pintuck Turquoise
  • Pintuck White
  • Plaid Avocado
  • Plaid Lily Bandana
  • Plaid Pink Cumberland
  • Plaid Peridont
  • Plaid Grey
  • Pucci Print
  • Rust Suede
  • Rust Taffeta Stripe
  • Suede Blue
  • Suede Orange
  • All Underclothes
  • White Rose Chiffon

Pretreat any stains – (oxiclean works great on stains). Machine wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. Do not overstuff the machine and remove as soon as cycle is done. Machine dry on low temperature and gentle cycle ( NO HIGH HEAT). Remove as soon as cycle is done to avoid wrinkles.

Group 2:

  • Animal prints
  • Jeston
  • Rose  Garden brown
  • Rosette black and silver
  • Velvet royal
  • Velvet gold
  • Velvet navy
  • Velvet silver
  • Velvet gray
  • Velvet turquoise
  • Velvet pink
  • Velvet orange
  • Velvet white
  • Velvet burgundy

Pretreat stains – (oxiclean works really well on stains). Machine wash warm water,  delicate cycle. Do not overstuff the machine.  Please remove as soon as cycle is done. Machine dry, delicate cycle, low heat.  NO HIGH HEAT. Please remove as soon as cycle is done to avoid wrinkles.

Group 3:

  • Appollo Blue
  • Appollo Yello
  • Blue brown organza
  • Bridal sheer black
  • Bridal sheer gray
  • Bridal sheer ivory
  • Bridal sheer white
  • Chevron black and white sequins
  • Chevron sequins silver and black
  • Chevron sequins white and silver
  • Cocoa paisley silver
  • Cocoa paisley gold
  • Damask navy and white
  • Ginger wave
  • Imperial Damask Gold
  • Imperial Damask Silver
  • Imperial ivory stripe
  • Journey white scroll
  • Mesh lace silver
  • Mesh lace gold
  • Pearl organza
  • Polka dot dark blue
  • Polka dot light blue
  • Polka dot lime green
  • Polka dot pink
  • Polka dot plum
  • Polka dot yellow
  • Sequins orange
  • Sienna
  • Silver Confetti
  • Silver dazzle
  • Silver flower sequins
  • Silver scroll sequins
  • String metallic blue
  • String metallic silver
  • Turquoise Vortex
  • Unique sheer white
  • Zebra eggplant

Machine wash on a delicate cycle using cold water. Do not overstuff the machine to avoid wrinkles.  Remove promptly after the cycle. Hang dry. Please take careful attention that all cloths are completely dry before folding and packing back in the boxes.

Group 4:

  • Avacado Groovy
  • Champagne Sequins
  • Jade Halo
  • Navy Groovy
  • Royal Blue Sequins Dot
  • Taffeta Rust Checkerboard
  • White Taffeta Sequins Scroll

Pretreat stains (oxiclean is really good on stains). Machine wash cold water. Machine dry gentile cycle, cool dry. Please remove before completely dry and hang to finish drying in order to avoid wrinkles.

Group 5:

  • Vintage linen gray
  • Vintage linen khaki
  • Vintage linen wheat
  • Vintage linen lime
  • Vintage linen metallic white
  • Vintage linen navy
  • Vintage linen orange
  • Vintage linen yellow

Pretreat all stains with oxiclean
Wash in warm water, do not put more then two to three cloths in at a time as these cloths will wrinkle
dry in dryer on low heat ONE at a time. putting more then one at a time will result in severe wrinkling.